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Logic Grid Puzzles

We’re here to share our passion for logic puzzles!

Our collection of logic grid puzzles for adults and teens are free to play online using our interactive grids. There is no need to create an account – just start playing. Your answers will be checked automatically when you have completed the grid.

You can browse all of our puzzles here: Logic Grid Puzzles.

If you would like to learn more about solving logic problems, check out our guide Solving Logic Puzzles For Beginners. For the initiated, improve your skills with our tips in Advanced Logic Puzzle Techniques!

We have a free Logic Puzzle Grid Printables section for downloading blank grids you can print and use to work on grids with a pen or pencil. You could also use them to create your own puzzle for fun or to distribute to a class.

Logic puzzles are a great challenge (and often relaxation method) for those who enjoy deductive reasoning puzzles, practicing logical or analytical thinking, or are simply drawn to the type of puzzle that has a single solution with no guesswork!