Used Car Sales Logic Puzzle


Jerry owns a used car dealership in Florida and has just had quite a good sales day, sending five cars out the door to new owners! From the clues given, can you determine the make, color, year, and sale price of each of the cars that were sold?

Color YearPrice
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1) The five cars are the blue car, the car with the $7,000 price tag, the 2009 model, the 2011 model, and the Ford.
2) The black car was the lowest priced car, due to some hail damage that had occurred in its time in Jerry's yard. He decided not to fix it, and one lucky lady snapped up a bargain.
3) The car that sold for $4,500 is not red in color. The $4,500 car is neither a Honda nor a Hyundai.
4) The Honda Jerry sold is a 2012 model.
5) Of the Toyota and the Audi, one sold for $7,000 and the other is a 2009 model car.
6) The Honda was priced higher than the white car, but lower than the Toyota.
7) The silver car is either the Ford or the 2016 model vehicle.
8) Neither the blue car nor the red car sold for exactly $6,000.
9) Neither the silver car nor the $5,500 car is the 2009 model.
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How To Play This Logic Puzzle
  1. Read the introduction and scan the clues. You can work through the clues in order, but the best approach is to attack the simplest clues first.
  2. Mark the clue information in the grid by clicking once in the relevant cell/square for an X (meaning false) and twice for a tick (true).
  3. If you make a mistake on a ticked cell, click again in that cell and it will clear. Or, to clear an X, click twice in that cell to clear.
  4. Once you have extracted all information from a clue, click on the clue to move it to the Solved Clues list.
  5. Some clues will need to be revisited once you have filled out more information in the grid. Keep working through them logically until you have completed the puzzle.
  6. Your answers will be checked automatically once you have filled out all squares.
  7. For more detailed illustrated guides on solving logic puzzles, check out the Quick Links section above these instructions.

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