School Veggie Garden Logic Puzzle


Mrs McPhail's fourth grade class have been learning how to grow vegetables in a veggie plot behind the classroom. The class has been split into groups for this activity, each group assigned with the task of taking care of two types of vegetable. From the clues provided can you determine which two vegetables each group is in charge of?

Vegetable 1 Vegetable 2
BeansCarrotsBroccoliCucumbersLettuceSpinachSnow PeasSpring OnionCabbageZucchini
GroupGroup 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Vegetable 2Spinach
Snow Peas
Spring Onion
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1) The group caring for the cucumbers is the same group caring for the cabbage.
2) The five unique groups are the group growing beans, the group growing spring onion, Group 1, the group growing zucchini, and the group growing lettuce.
3) Group 4 are not looking after lettuce nor broccoli.
4) Group 2 are not looking after the cucumbers nor the spinach.
5) Group 4 have not been assigned to the spring onion nor the cabbage.
6) Group 3 is either looking after the carrots or the snow peas.
7) Group 5 have been having great success growing spinach and each student got to take some home.
8) Group 1 are not growing any vegetables beginning with the letter B.
9) The zucchini is being grown by either Group 2 or Group 3.
10) The broccoli is not being grown by the group growing the zucchini.
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Results (filled automatically)
GroupVegetable 1Vegetable 2
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5


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How To Play This Logic Puzzle
  1. Read the introduction and scan the clues. You can work through the clues in order, but the best approach is to attack the simplest clues first.
  2. Mark the clue information in the grid by clicking once in the relevant cell/square for an X (meaning false) and twice for a tick (true).
  3. If you make a mistake on a ticked cell, click again in that cell and it will clear. Or, to clear an X, click twice in that cell to clear.
  4. Once you have extracted all information from a clue, click on the clue to move it to the Solved Clues list.
  5. Some clues will need to be revisited once you have filled out more information in the grid. Keep working through them logically until you have completed the puzzle.
  6. Your answers will be checked automatically once you have filled out all squares.
  7. For more detailed illustrated guides on solving logic puzzles, check out the Quick Links section above these instructions.

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