Jigsaw Night Logic Puzzle

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Last night Amanda hosted a jigsaw puzzle night among friends, with a little friendly competition. There were five jigsaw puzzle to complete, one per couple, with a race against the others to be the fastest to finish. Each pair was assigned a celebrity style couple nickname, a hybrid of their two names. From the clues given, can you determine the position each couple placed, how many pieces were in their puzzle, and what their puzzle picture was?

Couple Puzzle SizePicture
DanniferGerandaPhilodyBenevieveHark700 pieces800 pieces900 pieces1000 pieces1200 piecesAfrican SafariTaj MahalMoroccan RooftopsTower BridgeCottage Garden
PictureAfrican Safari
Taj Mahal
Moroccan Rooftops
Tower Bridge
Cottage Garden
Puzzle Size700 pieces
800 pieces
900 pieces
1000 pieces
1200 pieces
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1) The Tower Bridge puzzle did not have the most pieces.
2) Of the couple with the 700 piece puzzle and the couple who came 3rd, one is Benevieve and the other had the Cottage Garden puzzle.
3) Phil and Melody had a puzzle with at least 1000 pieces.
4) Four of the couples are: the couple with the 700 piece puzzle, the couple who came 5th, Geranda, and the pair with the African Safari puzzle.
5) Harry and Mark did not come 2nd.
6) If Philody came 2nd, then the couple with the Cottage Garden puzzle (which is not Philody) did not come 1st. If Benevieve had the 700 piece puzzle, then the 1200 piece puzzle (which is not Benevieve's) was not of the Moroccan Rooftops.
7) Gerard and Amanda did not come 1st nor 2nd.
8) The couple who came 1st had a puzzle with 100 pieces less than Geranda, who had a puzzle with 100 pieces less than the Cottage Garden puzzle.
9) The Moroccan Rooftops puzzle was completed before the Tower Bridge puzzle, but after the Taj Mahal puzzle.
10) Harry and Mark were quicker than Dan and Jennifer, but not as fast as Ben and Genevieve.
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PositionCouplePuzzle SizePicture


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How To Play This Logic Puzzle
  1. Read the introduction and scan the clues. You can work through the clues in order, but the best approach is to attack the simplest clues first.
  2. Mark the clue information in the grid by clicking once in the relevant cell/square for an X (meaning false) and twice for a tick (true).
  3. If you make a mistake on a ticked cell, click again in that cell and it will clear. Or, to clear an X, click twice in that cell to clear.
  4. Once you have extracted all information from a clue, click on the clue to move it to the Solved Clues list.
  5. Some clues will need to be revisited once you have filled out more information in the grid. Keep working through them logically until you have completed the puzzle.
  6. Your answers will be checked automatically once you have filled out all squares.
  7. For more detailed illustrated guides on solving logic puzzles, check out the Quick Links section above these instructions.

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