Computer Repair Shop Logic Puzzle

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Bigger Bytes Computer Repair Shop fixed five devices today, each for a local owner who insisted they knew what the issue was but turned out to be sorely mistaken! While not uncommon that the customers think they know best, today's reasons were some real doozies. Can you match each customer with the reason they claimed their device to be broken, and the real issue that was determined by the staff who fixed it?

Claimed Issue Actual Issue
CursedWarranty ExpiredTriple ClickedWrong Color MouseHard Drive ErrorBad MemoryPower FaultVirus Infection
Actual IssueHard Drive Error
Bad Memory
Power Fault
Virus Infection
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1) One customer, whose name begins with C, was adamant that their computer was suffering due to a friend recently installing a new mouse - red in color, unlike the black computer. Clearly incompatible! They were reluctant to believe the news that their computer actually need some bad memory replaced.
2) The person whose device had a hard drive error was not the same person who stormed into the shop upset that their computer had been cursed by their unfriendly new neighbor.
3) Carlos was embarrassed to learn he had actually had his computer infected with a virus.
4) The four unique customers were: Claire, the one who believed their computer was programmed to have an issue the moment the warranty expired, the one who believed they broke their computer by accidentally triple clicking instead of double clicking, and the one whose device was suffering a virus Infection.
5) Matthew's issue was not the power fault.
6) The one who suffered the hard drive error was not the customer who believed their technical woes were a result of mistakenly triple clicking instead of double clicking.
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OwnerClaimed IssueActual Issue


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How To Play This Logic Puzzle
  1. Read the introduction and scan the clues. You can work through the clues in order, but the best approach is to attack the simplest clues first.
  2. Mark the clue information in the grid by clicking once in the relevant cell/square for an X (meaning false) and twice for a tick (true).
  3. If you make a mistake on a ticked cell, click again in that cell and it will clear. Or, to clear an X, click twice in that cell to clear.
  4. Once you have extracted all information from a clue, click on the clue to move it to the Solved Clues list.
  5. Some clues will need to be revisited once you have filled out more information in the grid. Keep working through them logically until you have completed the puzzle.
  6. Your answers will be checked automatically once you have filled out all squares.
  7. For more detailed illustrated guides on solving logic puzzles, check out the Quick Links section above these instructions.

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